Do we need apps in order to stay fit?

Health and Fitness apps are big business. There are thousands of apps available that claim to be able to make keeping fit easier than ever.


There are various types of health and fitness apps. In this post we will look at apps that track your progress on a goal, help you with your individual workouts and apps that help you track exactly what type of foods you are eating.

Apps that track progress on a goal

These types of apps allow you to see exactly where you started and how far you are from a goal. In health and fitness these types of apps might track your progress toward completing a marathon or doing 50 push ups without stopping or losing a certain amount of weight.


  • They can be motivational, especially when you see how far you have come from your starting point.
  • They can help you identify what works best for you – If you see great results in a certain week, you can repeat what you did that week.


  • If they don’t show good, clear results from your hard work they can lead to you giving up.
  • it can be time consuming if the app is not automated.

Do we need them? They are handy for some goals.

Workout Apps

These apps help you with your workourt, whether it be a simple timekeeper or full workout builders.


  • They help stay strict on your rest and work periods.
  • They can provide ideas, motivation and structure for people unfamiliar with exercise routines.


  • Having your phone out all the time can be a distraction.
  • Some apps charge you for what effectively is a stop watch.

Do we need them? Some people would benefit.

Lifestyle/Diet tracker apps

These apps track a particular feature of your lifestyle, such as what you eat or how much you sleep, in order to improve health.


  • They can highlight parts of your routine that are leading to ill health.


  • People become reliant on these when really we should be able to eat right and sleep enough by listening to our body.
  • They can be massively time consuming. Things like tracking everything you eat can be really inconvenient, especially when you are out for a meal.

Do we need them? Only for habit building, never long term.

Apes don’t need apps

It is fair to say that some people have become obsessive over their smart phones. Tim Ferriss sumed this up aptly when he said ‘Technology is a great slave, but a terrible master.’ This means that if you are constantly checking your facebook, your emails or your daily calorie intake then you have let technology become your master and are harming your health and creativity with an e-addiction. Technology should be used sparingly, and to make time not waste time.

In truth, no apps are essential to keeping you fit and healthy. Some people are so out of touch with their mind and body that an app could be used to reset the balance and build some good habits, but most of the time there’s a far better long term solution… Put it this way, I’ve never seen an Ape track it’s protein, yet they know exactly when and what to eat, when to sleep and just how active to be in order to survive.

What apps do you use? Do you think you have an unhealthy obsession with any particular apps? Let me know in the comments below. Like and Share on Facebook/Twitter. You can follow me @GGreenFitness


3 responses to “Do we need apps in order to stay fit?

  1. I don’t use an app for actual “fitness”, like workouts, but do use a tracker for food and activity. I’m not a slave to it throughout the day, but it keeps me on track. If you use them too much, they can consume you, but that can be said for anything, so I’m all for it. Most people need something to keep them on track, except for the very, very diligent. We are lucky there are apps and trackers to help. I remember as a kid when my mother used to be on weight watchers and had to write down a food journal by hand. I would do this with her just so she wasn’t alone. Have to say, it’s much more eye-opening to see those calories add up on an app–and have our “frequent” list of foods available for us so we can click, click and then it’s done! Do we as humans need them, no, but can they help when used properly, absolutely!

  2. These apps can definitely make keeping track of your food intake easier, because keeping track with a pen and paper is so inconvenient. However I would argue that we have an ‘app’ built into us that lets us know how much we should be eating. We are just so out of touch with nature that we no longer know what hungry is. It goes deeper than just eating the right things, but the best app would be one that got you to eat without the need for it. But that wouldn’t make any money from adds so nobody want to create that.

    Thanks for commenting Robin.

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