Wake up and Work out – Tap into the benefits of early morning exercise

There are plenty of benefits to exercising early in the morning including improved alertness and greater fat loss, but let’s face it, most people don’t have the time, the energy or simply can’t be bothered.

But why is it that some people wake up as if there’s a fire under their butt and while others are stuck like Velcro to their beds? How do you become more like the former?

Here are some things that will make it easy to wake up and workout.

Plan for your workout in advance – Have you ever noticed that waking up at 3:30am to catch a flight to a dream holiday is a lot easier than waking up at 6am to go to a boring job? This is because you have already planned what you will be doing when you wake up; you have packed your case, all of your documents are ready and you have a plan of action. You need to do all of this for your morning workout:

1) Prepare for your workout the night before – Have your workout attire ready to put straight on when you wake up.

2) Plan what you are going to do – Whether it be a light jog, a mini circuit or just 10 minutes of yoga, know already what you will be doing.

3) Know exactly what you will do in your morning routine – Wake up, put your workout clothes on, have a small glass of water, put your trainers on and go. Don’t stray from this, Facebook/Twitter/Instagram will still be there when you get back.

Get Excited – Another reason we find it easier to wake up early for holidays is that we are excited. You are improving your quality of life. Become excited about your morning routine. Most people will be wasting away in bed reading pointless Facebook updates while you are out experiencing the sunrise, watching your breath melt into the morning fog and tapping into our bodies built-in natural highs.

Get a good night sleep – If like me you find it hard to disengage and get off to sleep you should look at improving your night time routine to stop your mind from racing as you try to get to sleep. Follow these steps:

1) Write down any thoughts and ideas you have been thinking about – This can be anything from plans for a new project, remembering to call a friend or picking up dry cleaning. This will become a to do list for the next day or a time in the future, write it down and stop thinking about it until you can actually do something about it.

2) Read some non-fiction – Take your mind away from the real world and read a few chapters of your favourite book. As soon as you start to feel drowsy stop reading and switch off the lights.

3) Keep your room as dark as possible – Blue lights, the kind you get from digital clocks and various devices in your media centre, are said to be particularly harmful. Keep the electronic glow in your room as low as possible. Turn devices off at the wall.

4) Avoid all screens – TV, phones, laptops and tablets. Decide what time you can go to bed that will allow 7.5 hours sleep and don’t use any devices for an hour before that time. If your bed time is 11pm, no phones after 10pm.

5) Focus on breathing – A good way to clear your mind and force out unwanted thoughts is to focus on the in and out of your breath. You will find it surprisingly hard to keep thoughts out but any time you do start trying to imagine you next day just throw away the thought and return to your breath.

So what are you waiting for? Decide on your preferred workout routine and do it? Want some extra motivation? Join my Breakfast Bootcamp if you live in the Newcastle area for your ultimate Cardio Wake up call.

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